V.N.A Pallet Racking

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تقييم المنتج:
التصنيف: المنتجات المعدنية
المواصفات الفنية : * Accessibility to individual pallet.
* Configuration for maximum storage density and efficiency.
* Specialist narrow aisle forklift trucks are required to work in the reduced aisle.
* Better space utilization.
* Optimum occupancy rates.
* Greater use of floor space by reducing number of access aisles.
* Not suitable for rabid stock rotation - first pallet in the last one out.
* Less Distance for the forklift truck to travel.
* Increased Storage capacity.
* Better space utilization.
تفاصيل أخرى: Al-Samaani Narrow-Aisle Racking consists of the same basic components as conventional racking but with runs placed closer together eliminating the wasted space of a wide aisle.
The pallets are accessed via specialist trucks,

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